FROM 13€ +GG

UNTIL 04/10


Reentry allows atendees to re-enter and leave the festival venue as many times as they wish during the four days of the festival, from Thurday 13 to Sunday 16 July 2023.

When will I need reentry tickets?
If you have G.A or VIP ticket, once you leave the festival venue, if you want to re-enter (that same day), it will be mandatory that you have the reentry on your wristband.

Do you think you won’t need to re-enter the venue?
No problem, but we recommend that you buy it now, as the reentry has a limited units at each price.

*Daily Tickets cannot buy reentry.

Link your festival ticket with this extra

Once you receive the extra ticket, you can link it to your festival ticket.

Follow the instructions 

*If you have purchased this extra during the purchase process, it is already linked.