Flashback #02 / Silent Disco 2009

Fibers in Silent Disco

Where have the Silent Disco’s gone? In 2009 it looked like it was going to revolutionize the world of concerts, but now it has remained a memory almost of dosmilera aesthetics. There will be fibers who still remember the Silent Disco as one more space of FIB, but many others will have been caught by […]

Flashback #03 / Declan McKenna – Brazil & British Bombs (FIB 2022)

Last year at FIB 2022 we thought Declan McKenna’s concert was ending with his mythical song “Brazil”, but suddenly Brazil’s chords started spinning along our hearts beats. “British Bombs” started and Declan McKenna gave us one of the best moments of FIB 2022. For those who didn’t know Declan before, it’s for sure that after […]

Flashback #01 / Guitarricadelafuente – Guantanamera (FIB 2022)

Guitarricadelafuente’s concert last FIB 2022 was something unforgettable that made our emotions run high. Both the public and Álvaro Lafuente, who burst into tears after performing the last song “Guantanamera” on the main stage of the Benicàssim International Festival. To end the concert like that was magical. “Guantanamera” is a song that claims and defends […]