Check here for the official airport transfers that will deliver you straight to the festival from Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Reus, Castellón, etc.

You can get your festival wristband at the main wristband exchange but if you’re staying in Villacamp or Blue Camp you can go straight there instead and get your festival & camping wristbands at those campsites and save time queuing at main arena exchange.

We strongly recommend you get yourself your locker or share one with mates. Stick your valuables in it and go and enjoy the weekend! Reserve now!

You can charge them at the cargatumovil points. Please note there’s no wifi service this year because since June there are no data charges for people  from Europe  travelling in Spain. We’ve added phone masts to make the connection as good as it can be. DON’T LOSE YOUR PHONE!
Please, please, please… don’t put your phone in the back pocket of your jeans or in a bag on your back. Even when watching your favourite band. Even when watching your least favourite band. Never.

Getting around Benicàssim – from the train station to the arena and campsites – from the campsites to the town and beaches… there’s a few lines you can take – weekly passes available here or you can pay on the bus. More info.

They’re there to help you and make sure we’re all safe. If you need help ask them, if you see anything suspicious tell them, if anyone’s giving you grief tell us. There’s also campsite teams, stewards throughout the site and Info Points if you have any questions or problems. They’re all here to help.

You might notice more searches, more queues and there are restrictions on size of bags you can take into the arena this year. It’s all about being safe to enjoy the best festival of the summer. Read more.

Two rules – no fires and don’t be a dick to other campers. There’s others but if you follow those you won’t go far wrong.

Don’t get burnt. That’s all.

Leave a copy at home and carry a copy with you. Email yourself a copy so you know the number. Don’t lose it. But if you do you’ll have back up. Keep your valuables and passport in a safe place, like a locker. Fill in the last page of your passport with your emergency contact details.

Check out MALA RODRÍGUEZ, LAS BISTECS, BELAKO and LA CASA AZUL. Others too but these are fucking great – LOVE OF LESBIAN and LOS PLANETAS are the BIG ones.

Hola – hello.
Dos cervezas por favor – 2 beers please.
Gracias – Thanks.
Me encanta el machirulo de las cejas – I’m a fan of Liam Gallagher’s work.
Los Red Hots – Spanish for the ChilI Peppers.
Oooo Pablo Iglesias – Spanish for OOH JEREMY CORBYN.

You’ll need tickets to swap for drinks. You can get them at all bars so if there’s a bit of a queue at one, head for the next nearest bar.  There are bars throughout the campsites and arena.

In the arena and Campfest we have market stalls and this year we’ll also have a supermarket on site in Campfest selling all your basic needs so you don’t need to lug everything from town.