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Social Responsibility

At FIB we are conscious of the role festivals can play in the broader society, not only their cultural and economic significance, but also the way they can benefit social change. The channels of communication and influence can be used to inform and provoke thought about a variety of social issues. For this reason we have been collaborating for many years with various NGOs and non-profit making organisations.

Charity Donation – Guests

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Save The Children

We collaborate with Save the Children every year to support their projects. Would you like to collaborate too? Save the Children is the leading, independent organisation defending the rights of children across the world.

They work to save lives in over 120 countries, providing security and protection to kids and defending the rights set out in the UN Conventions for Children’s Rights. In Spain they have been working for more than 20 years on programmes to care for the most vulnerable children , centered on infants at risk from poverty and social exclusion. Through their programmes in Spain they provide essential care to children and their families so that the economic situation they are in, or the problems with social exclusion that they face, don’t impede on their ability to benefit from their rights so that they can reach their maximum capacity. Their last report stated that 1 in 3 children live in poverty or at risk of social exclusion in Spain. “2,826,549 reasons. The protection of children in the face of poverty : a right, an obligation and an investment." 

For more information visit this link.


FIB supports Juntes, a Red Cross initiative providing integral support, attention and empowerment to victims of gender violence in the region.

One of the aims of the Red Cross operations is to design and carry out actions orientated towards the fight against discrimination suffered by women simply for being women.

The Red Cross stands up for the rights of all women and girls, starting from the fundamental consideration that it is necessary to get involved in the face of the reality we see, throughout history, that all women, to a greater or lesser degree, experience different forms of discrimination which deny the Human Rights and fundamental freedoms of all individuals. Discrimination which includes gender violence.

We think of gender violence as a manifestation of inequality, of the subordination of women by men and as a reflection of the patriarchal society we live in. The Red Cross commits, amongst its principle objectives, to work with women who are victims of gender violence and the prevention of gender violence amongst the infant, adolescent and young population, and as a consequence, to work with the relevant agents involved in their evolutionary development.

Juntes, the Red Cross project for female empowerment, is an initiative that provides support, attention and empowerment to the victims of gender violence and which has as its principle objectives:

  • The creation of a psychosocial support group formed by resilient women who will accompany other women through the process of emerging from a situation of gender violence.
  • Fostering the rebuilding of personal power and control over one’s own life for women who have been or are victims of gender violence.

For more information you can visit (in Spanish)

Environmental Responsibility


We are conscious of the environmental impact that we generate as a macro-event and for this reason we roll out a number of programmes of specific action to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.



We collaborate with Ecoembes & Ecovidrio to ensure correct procedures for waste management.



In 2008 Maraworld began it’s project Fiberbosque to compensate for CO2 emissions at the Festival by planting native species (mulberries and others) in the campsites. Today, with more than 450 trees planted , Fiberbosque is a reality that helps to compensate for the emisions of the events staged in the area.



Maraworld sources different consumables for the organisation and for the Festival services with a sustainability plan, using recycled and recyclable materials alongside Fair Trade products.



The Festival employs water-saving systems in all it’s installations in the Arena and on the campsites.

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