FIB BENICASSIM 2018 takes place from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 July 2018

Campsites open on Monday 16 and close on Monday 23 July.


Benicàssim is a beach resort on the Spanish coast between Valencia and Barcelona, 12 km from Castellón

The festival site is on the edge of town on the N-340 road, KM 986.300 and is well sign-posted from the town.

Coordinates: 40.048068N, 0.047872E.


Arena access and maps coming soon.


You must bring your passport or national ID card when exchanging tickets for wristbands. This applies to everyone – not just under 18s.

(We strongly recommend you leave passports in lockers and carry a photocopy with you during the festival)


We welcome all ages to FIB Benicassim but please note that the festival runs from 6pm to 6am and isn’t suitable for young children.

Must have a ticket. They'll be given a special wristband to wear that will prohibit them buying or consuming alcohol and tobacco. They'll need to present ID or passport and a signed copy of the responsibility form the Accreditations Office or the Wristband Exchange by the arena entrance.

Must have a ticket. They must always be accompanied by an adult (over 18) - if they are accompanied by a parent or teacher they'll need to present ID or passports and a signed copy of the responsibility form at the Accreditations Office or at the Wristband Exchange by the arena entrance. If they are accompanied by someone other than the above, they will need to bring a letter from a parent granting permission to attend, including contact and passport details of the parent and a signed copy of the responsibility form.

Don't have to purchase ticket. They must be accompanied by a parent who will have to fill in a document at the Accreditations Office or the Wristband Exchange, taking full responsibility for the child. They will also have to present their ID card or passport and that of the child.  The child will carry accreditation with their name, that of the parent and mobile contact details.


Please take time to read our terms and conditions for all tickets.



Here’s a quick guide to the official bus and coach services supplied by Mediterraneo Holidays and Divertis.

Only official Mediterraneo Holidays and Divertis services pick up and drop off at the festival venue.

We recommend avoiding non-official services as these will often leave you with a long walk to the festival or from the festival at the end of the night when it’s the last thing you need. Do not trust unofficial companies.

The bus stops in the venue are for holders of tickets and passes of the official services only.

You cannot board buses using tickets for other companies or hoping to pay on the bus. Please make sure you have the correct ticket or pass for the service you require.

People trying to enter the bus park without the correct tickets will be turned away - you can't jump queues or fill buses at the expense of people who have purchased passes/tickets for these services.

Always allow plenty of time for your journey. At peak times the services are very busy and we get you around as soon as possible.

If you're coming by bus to the festival and need to collect your wristband do NOT wait for the last bus to do it. Travel early and beat the queues. Later buses may fill quickly so make life easy and come early.

There are four principle types of official bus and coach services which will take you to and from the festival site.
These are the only services permitted to drop off and pick up on site.


1. Airport Transfers (Alicante, Barcelona, Castellón, Reus, Valencia).

These will pick you up at airports from Mon 16 – Thu 19 July and take you directly to FIB site (connecting buses for Oropesa and Marina D'Or available) and on Monday 23 return from FIB site to airports.

These must be booked in advance.

More info here

Operated by Mediterraneo Holidays


2. FIB Routes around Benicassim

These connect the festival site with Villacamp, train station, beaches and the town.

These run throughout the week and weekly passes are available in advance.

Single advance tickets are available and on these routes you can also pay on the bus.  

More info here

Operated by Mediterraneo Holidays


3. Shuttles - Castellon or Oropesa / Marina D'Or

These shuttles run between Castellón and the FIB site and between Oropesa/Marina D'Or and the FIB site from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22.

You must have a 4 Day Pass for the appropriate route. You cannot pay on the bus, use the weekly Benicassim tickets (2 above) ,use tickets belonging to other unofficial  bus operators on these routes. 

They serve:

- The apartments, campsites and hotels of Marina D'Or, Playa de la Concha and Oropesa del Mar.

- The hotels in Castellón (you do NOT need to be resident in hotels to use them but you must have the correct pass)

The return services run throughout the night.

More info here

Operated by Mediterraneo Holidays


4. Official Coaches from within cities within Spain

There are ticket & coach packages or coach only options available that will take you from various cities in Spain to the festival.

These are NOT airport transfers so if you’re arriving at an airport we recommend you use the official transfer services. These are city centre to festival routes.

More info comming soon

Operated by Divertis

Closer to the festival we will publish maps showing the exact location of the festival bus park.


If you lose anything in the arena or the campsite please visit the Lost Property Office situated just outside the festival arena in the hall area by the main entrance.

If you find anything please take it to either the Lost Property Office or the nearest Information Point.


Small bags are allowed into the festival arena with the maximum dimensions of W21cm x H30cm x D8cm (A4 Size).



Bags will be searched on entry to the arena so to avoid lengthy queues we strongly advise that you do not bring a bag.

Large bags are not allowed to be taken into the festival arena. There is no cloakroom.

Bags must not be left at entrances or surrounding areas. Any items left will be removed and disposed of accordingly.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the festival.