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Benicàssim is a beach resort on the Spanish coast between Valencia and Barcelona, 12 km from Castellón

The festival site is on the edge of town on the N-340 road, KM 986.300 and is well sign-posted from the town.

Coordinates: 40.048068N, 0.047872E.



When exchanging tickets for your wristband you must bring ID.

For UK residents this can be a passport, a driving licence, a National Proof of Age Card (with Pass hologram) or a national ID card.

This applies to everyone - not just under 18s.

Please be aware that it is common practice in Spain for Police to ask to see your ID.

We recommend you carry a photocopy of your passport and strongly suggest you leave passports in lockers during your time at the festival.


Small bags are allowed into the festival arena with the maximum dimensions of W21cm x H30cm x D8cm (A4 Size).

Bags will be searched on entry to the arena so to avoid lengthy queues we strongly advise that you do not bring a bag.

Large bags are not allowed to be taken into the festival arena. There is no cloakroom.

Bags must not be left at entrances or surrounding areas. Any items left will be removed and disposed of accordingly.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the festival.


Please note if you appear young you will be asked for your ID at wristband exchange and everyone must bring ID to wristband exchange with them.

Under 18s will also need to fill in the relevant forms below.

We welcome all ages to FIB Benicassim but please note that the festival runs from 6pm to 6am and isn’t suitable for young children.

Must have a ticket. They'll be given a special wristband to wear that will prohibit them buying or consuming alcohol and tobacco. They'll need to present ID or passport and a signed copy of the responsibility form the Accreditations Office or the Wristband Exchange by the arena entrance.

Must have a ticket. They must always be accompanied by an adult (over 18) - if they are accompanied by a parent or teacher they'll need to present ID or passports and a signed copy of the responsibility form at the Accreditations Office or at the Wristband Exchange by the arena entrance. If they are accompanied by someone other than the above, they will need to bring a letter from a parent granting permission to attend, including contact and passport details of the parent and a signed copy of the responsibility form.

Don't have to purchase ticket. They must be accompanied by a parent who will have to fill in a document at the Accreditations Office or the Wristband Exchange, taking full responsibility for the child. They will also have to present their ID card or passport and that of the child.  The child will carry accreditation with their name, that of the parent and mobile contact details.


Please take time to read our terms and conditions for all tickets.



The British Consulate have put together this handy list of tips for enjoying FIB Benicàssim safely.

Más Info


  • Please treat everyone you come across at the festival with respect and remember especially that all women have the right to attend the festival in safe and fun surroundings without fear of physical or verbal abuse and free from sexist comments, behaviour or actions.
  • FIB Benicassim Festival has a ZERO tolerance policy on sexual harassment and sexist behaviour which applies to all employees, contractors, workers, artists, attendees and anyone associated with the festival.
  • FIB Benicassim Festival and its environs should be a safe area with respect for all at all times and any form of discrimination, abuse or aggression based on gender, sexuality, race or other criteria has no place at the festival.
  • There can be no justification for sexual harassment, abuse or sexist behaviour and any attendee found to have committed such behaviour will be dealt with immediately using all powers that the law provides.
  • This includes physical or verbal abuse, intimidation or any type of threatening or sexist behaviour. Please think twice about your actions and behaviour.
  • After a few drinks or in a festival environment people may lose their inhibitions and want to party but there is NEVER any excuse for abusing, bullying or upsetting fellow festival goers.
  • “Banter” is no excuse for abusing or hassling other festival goers.
  • If a friend of yours is out of line, call him out and put a STOP to it.
  • Remember consent is NOT valid consent if given under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Festivals are tolerant and fun environment and everyone has the right to enjoy the festival without fear of abuse or aggression of any nature. Regardless of their gender or sexuality (or race or any other criteria).
  • If anyone experiences, suffers or witnesses any kind of sexual abuse, sexist behaviour or general discriminatory behaviour they should immediately report it to nearest members of security or at Information Points and we will take action.
  • If anyone requires help, advice or attention then please speak to your nearest member of security, go to an information desk or ask for help from those around you.
  • Please respect other FIBers, respect the festival and respect yourself and let’s ensure that FIB Benicàssim Festival is a safe, fun and hassle free environment for all.
  • We thank you all for your cooperation.
  • FIB supports Juntes – for more information click here.


If you lose anything in the arena or the campsite please visit the Lost Property Office situated just outside the festival arena in the hall area by the main entrance.

If you find anything please take it to either the Lost Property Office or the nearest Information Point.


You may bring Go Pro cameras without sticks and mobiles with cameras into the arena provided they are used for personal, non-commercial use and you do not breech copyrights.

Professional cameras and all cameras with sticks are prohibited. These include all reflex and evil cameras. The use of cameras to film and disseminate copyrighted material is also prohibited.

In the case of any doubt the security staff’s decision is always final.