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Campfest is the campsite next to the arena and festival (with camping included) tickets give free entry to this campsite.

Villacamp is the VIP camping area in town, connected to the festival by a regular bus service. Entry is only permitted with a festival (with camping included) ticket plus a Villacamp ticket.

Glamping will be available at both of these campsites but is an extra and you will still need the relevant tickets above, plus a glamping reservation.

All our campsites will be open from Monday July 15th at 09AM to Monday July 22nd at 17PM.

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  • Tents. Important information: The size of the tents must be proportional to the number of people sleeping inside it. For example, if your tent occupies 4 plots, you must have a minimum of 3/4 people using it. This is because of limited space within the campsite.
  • Small tables and chairs.
  • First come first serve basis for places in campsites.
  • Glass bottles.
  • Your own food and drink (unlike in the festival arena, where it is not allowed).
  • Carrefour Supermarket.
  • Medical Assistance.
  • Security staff.
  • Bus stops on the FIB route.


  • Sunshades, canopies, marquees.
  • Sleeping in Campfest carpark.
  • Caravans in the Campfest Carpark (For this you need a pass for the Caravan site).
  • Camping inside a space that is outside the campsite.
  • Put up your tents in the middle of the paths / access to plots.
  • Reserve your spaces in the campsite.
  • Put up your tents in areas that you don’t have access to.
  • Go into zones that you don’t have a ticket for.
  • Light a fire or be part of starting one.
  • Shopping trolleys.
  • Dangerous or illegal items.
  • Disturb the sleep of fellow Fibers.
  • Animals, except those that accompany the blind.
  • Speakers or Sound systems (that may prevent people from sleeping).
  • Any text, symbols, images, gesture which express racism, xenophobia, provocation or discrimination.
  • Distribute any kind of flyer/propaganda by hand.
  • Possession/ distribution of drugs, hard or soft.
  • Pyrotechnic material or inflammable liquids.
  • Generators.



Thank you for your co-operation.


Keep your belogings in our lockers and just worry about having a great time.

There are four types of lockers: small, medium, large and maxi, located in the campsites:

Locations in the campsite:

  • Campfest (2 locations).
  • Villacamp (1 location).

Book right now if you want to be with us 7 days, or the 4 concert days. Available 24h.

Have you booked your lockers for FIB2019 yet?. Don’t wait until the last moment to do it, they will sell out. Book yours here.



  • 24 Hours Bars & Food
  • Bike Hire
  • Shaded areas
  • Communal Showers (Campfest)
  • Individual Showers (Villacamp)
  • Supermarket (Campfest)
  • Market (Campfest)
  • Mobile Charging Points
  • Medical Points
  • Bus Stops
  • Toilets


Our Carrefour supermarket in Campfest stocks a range of food, snacks, drinks, water and essential items.

Opening hours

  • Moday to Thursday: from 08:00 h to 22:00 h
  • Friday to Sunday: from 06:00 h to 22:30 h.

Camping Security

Our teams are there to help you – if you have any problems please contact the nearest member of staff or go to the desk at the entrance to the campsites. Please respect your camping area, keep it clean and report any anti-social behaviour to our security and campsite teams so they can deal with it.



  • LOCKERS: It’s important to collect your things and return the key as early as possible (to avoid queues).
    The Lockers close at the same time as the campsites so if you haven’t collected your things before you’ll have to follow the established procedures to recover them in the following days.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Please check before you set off that you’ve taken all your important documents with you. (Passport, train and plane tickets...)
  • TENTS: Take your tent and other stuff with you and try and leave the campsite as you found it, we’d really appreciate it! In the event that you can’t take everything with you please leave it at the recycling points at the Exit.
  • GLAMPING: If you have used this service, don’t forget to get your deposit back at the Glamping reception before leaving.
  • LOST PROPERTY: If you’ve lost anything, the Lost Property point in the Hall area will be open until 13.00 otherwise you’ll have to go to the Local Police station in Benicassim (after 4pm).
    Address: c/ Médico Segarra, 4 (Ayuntamiento de Benicàssim)
    Tel 0034 964 303 500
  • HOW TO GET TO THE TRAIN STATION OR THE BUS STOP FOR AIRPORT TRANSFERS: The Renfe train station route (purple) runs every 10 minutes until 13:00h. You can take the bus from the following stops: VILLACAMP – VENUE – RENFE – TRANSFERS AIRPORTS.
  • REMEMBER: Take food and drink with you for the wait at the train station as there’s no bar or restaurant nearby.

All the campsites will close on Monday July 22nd at 17PM. If you leave the campsite after 12PM, you won't be able to get back in again.


There is an enclosed space for caravans located inside the Campfest camping area. Caravan passes can be purchased here (It is per caravan/camper van). Each person in the caravan/camper van MUST also have a 4D Festival ticket with camping as well or they will not be able to access the area.

Each caravan/campervan will be provided with a power point. No water source, drain or other complementary services will be provided.

Important: During the period of time while the campervan plot is open, the caravan/campervan has the right to enter the area only once (in other words, if it leaves its space, you will lose the right to return to that space even if it remains available). Cars towing caravans, however, may leave after unhitching the caravans and re-enter, one time only to hitch again before leaving.

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