FIB takes place in an arena without architectural barriers and has a dedicated access especially for disabled people.

We havereserved parking next to the entrance, reserved zones in the campsite, adapted toilets and seating for disabled Fibers. Some of these facilities have a limited amount of space and will only be available to those who have completed the process before July, 8th.

To be able to access and use these facilities, it’s necessary to get in touch with the organisers from May onwards.


  • Parking: places are only guaranteed to those persons who have reserved this service via the previous process and until they are full there are three available disabled parking zones : Arena, Campfest and Villacamp. The parking place will ONLY be guaranteed once the organisers have communicated and confirmed with each request.
  • Viewing Platform: There are designated spaces for disabled people in the viewing platform for the main stage and in the stand at the stage. 
    You can make use of the space here subject to availability at any given time, however, the organisers can’t reserve or guarantee space in these areas. There is seating available to all those who do not use wheelchairs but there is no seating for carers or people accompanying. Those who need this service should mention it when they ask for their place.
  • Disabled WCs: The arena has several adapated WCs, some of which are next to the two dedicated viewing platforms and are for exclusive use. At a date closer to the Festival an accessibility map will be published that show the locations of these and other services.
  • Public Buses: Many of our official buses have ramps and areas for disabled seating.


The Organization guarantees special access and parking for disabled Festival-goers until it has reached capacity.


FIB allows access to the arena for guide dogs for visually impaired people, providing that there is official documentation for the dog and it doesn’t present a risk to other people. Please bear in mind that a music festival isn’t the best site for a dog though so it will always be preferable that anyone visually impaired is accompanied by someone that can help them.


FIB permits people with medical dietary requirements to bring food into the arena with them provided they have medical certificates with them. Please remember that glass containers are not permitted in the arena so any food will need to be contained in other receptacles.


The Organization will facilitate access for people on crutches that present a medical certificate that states they must use them to move around. In the event that this can’t be provided the organisers will take each case on merit and will decide appropriately. The crutches will be checked for security purposes and the user must promise not to let them out of their sight at any point. For all these cases we’ll deal with requests during the Festival, as long as we have availability. For that, please go to the Accreditations tent. The documentation that you’ll have to present will be the same that we ask for in advance .


  • Necessary certification:
  • Medical certificate.
  • Medical certificate of your dietary requirements.
  • Medical documentation for any medicines requiring storage.
  • Photocopy of the Festival ticket of person making request and accompanying person/carer.
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport for person making request and accompanying person/carer.
  • Email address of person & and accompanying person/carer.
  • If requesting a disabled parking space, don’t forget we’ll need a copy of your blue badge.
  • In the event that you’re bringing a guide dog, we’ll need the documentation for the dog.

Contact us from May onwards.

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