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Vetusta Morla is one of the most important rock groups in Spain right now, hence why they are, unquestionably, a headliner at FIB 2019. Since the release of their debut album in 2008, the 6-piece band have received non-stop attention from the public and press, to the point that they’ve become the epitome of live Spanish music.

Right now, this group is living a unique moment which we will be witness in FIB 2019. In a very special way, we will be presented with a concert completely unique in Spain of their complete first album "Un Día En El Mundo".

Two platinum albums, three gold and three nominations at the 2018 Latin Grammy’s are only a few of this group’s achievements who have managed the career from their very own record label with remarkable success.

One of the things that draws your attention to Vetusta Morla is that they have one of the best live acts that you can see right now. The force of their sound, the precision in their performance and their connection with the audience are what makes Vetusta Morla stand out.

In their last album, the group presented a rather different way of doing things right from the start. To begin with, the group specialised in live music and temporally transformed the show in an open creative session, changing roles and questioning everything that had previously worked for them before in an attempt to reach new places. An extraordinary combination of introspection and energy that is vibrant and addictive and on this occasion will trap you in one of the best concerts that you will see in FIB 2019.

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