Paola Rivero on guitar, Alicia Ros on bass and vocalist María Talaverano on the keys. This trio, together with a drum machine, radiant lyrics, the help of friend Martín Spangle and a bit of magic make up Cariño.

After recording their first two songs, “Canción Pop De Amor” and “Momento Inadecuado”, in March 2018, this pop craze immediately took off and subsequently landed them at Elefant Records.

Cariño represent freshness, sass and crazy fun. Their songs are about hypocrisy, madness and unexpected swerves, but also spontaneity, awakening and most innocent feelings. That is why, after hearing their songs, you feel that what underlies is an instant urge to shout out that love they feel in a very special way: unceremoniously, with all of its starkness and hazy, bitter-sweet sensations. 

La Casa, Azul, La Bien Querida, Mujeres, Perro, Joe Crepúsculo, Peaches or Nancy Sinatra are just some of their self-confessed obsessions. Mix all this together and what you get is a bubbly and explosive punk-pop style with gummy melodies, touches of surf music and highly addictive lyrics.

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