THE 1975

Having sported real anthems to sing and dance to, THE 1975 are back at the Festival to delight us with their artillery of hits bursting with echoes of pop, rock, dance or R&B.

Matt Healy and his gang will serve up the best of their three releases, where the Manchester quartet goes all out with true hits such as “Sex”, “Chocolate”, “Girls”, “Love Me” or “The Sound”. They will also present their most recent album, entitled “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”, with catchy tunes including “Give Yourself A Try” or “Love If We Made It”. And they’re already preparing a new record for next spring!

Don't miss out on one of the best contemporary pop groups who are sure to bring the house down.

The band has eclipsed the success of their debut record, creating the first masterpiece of the year and a record that will remain one for years to come.
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