La M.O.D.A. (an acronym for La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol) is a music band formed in Burgos 7 years ago. The seven-member band incorporates an odd mixture of instruments like the accordion, saxophone, banjo, mandolin or clarinet, and is influenced by folk, country, punk, and rock & roll, from The Clash to The Pogues, achieving a unique sound that reaches its full potential during live performances.

During their brief but intense artistic career, La M.O.D.A.’s fan base has been steadily growing thanks to a work ethic based on three principles: passion, honesty and touring. They have a handful of EP’s, three studio records and one live record, numerous tours, appearances in major national music festivals and performances in Dublin, London, Mexico, France or Italy all under their belt. After a year hiatus the band reappeared with a new LP titled “Salvavida (de las balas perdidas)”, where the group ventures into new musical territories while staying true to an identity that, according to fans and critics alike, has earned them a place in the new domestic music scene.

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