Liam Gallagher’s Benicàssim show in 2017 was one of the defining moments of the festival, showcasing a handful of great new songs mixed in with a whole raft of Oasis classics that had 45,000 singing along in unison. Since then his debut solo album “As You Were” has confirmed his return to the very top and we’re thrilled to welcome the comeback to Benicàssim of the Comeback Our Kid.
Unlike boxing, rock and roll is not renowned for great comebacks. A few missteps and then it’s usually farewell, have a good life, who are you again? Occasionally, though, a true heavy musical champ loses a bout only to re-emerge even stronger later. David Bowie, for example, went through a long fallow period before his renaissance. Paul Weller had a rocky few years before finding his feet as a solo artist. Now we can add a third era-defining voice to that list of champions who returned to reclaim their belt: Liam Gallagher.  

His debut solo album As You Were, is exactly what you would have hoped a Liam Gallagher solo album would sound like: the classic 60s/70s influences he’s always had updated for the here and now. Liam agrees. “I didn’t want to be reinventing anything or going off on a space jazz odyssey. It’s the Lennon Cold Turkey vibe, The Stones, the classics. But done my way, now.”
One of the most striking aspects of the songs that make up his debut solo album that all the songs have a purpose. There’s no flab, nothing to cut. They all feel directed at something or someone, setting the record straight or getting his side of the story over, be that the swinging, Bo Diddley-like Greedy Soul, which incinerates someone who’s the “ungrateful dead” or the mega-ballad For What It’s Worth which serves up Bold’s biggest chorus. “I wanted to write an apology,” says Liam. “Not to one person, but to everyone, because I’m no good at saying sorry. That song is a tune.”
“Some of the songs are a bit of a ‘fuck you,’” he continues. “I know what I’m writing about. Just knobheads in general. Apart from the odd one that’s about people that I like but there aren’t too many of them.”
For now, Liam’s just chomping at the bit to sing these songs in public. “I am ready. I’m more than ready. I just wanna get out amongst it again and show everyone what they’ve been missing. I thought someone might’ve come along to try and sort it out while I was busy doing nothing, but no. No one. So I guess it’s all down to me…again.”
Liam Gallagher: back to take care of business again. Thank God for that.

In 2017, we’ve been blessed with the big return of one Liam Gallagher. The tunes are sounding pretty mega and the live shows are injecting life into festival crowds across the planet.
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